Safety at Night with Police Community Support Officers

Members of the Surrey Heath Youth Council had a great meeting today with Community Support Officers Fiona and Marita from Surrey Heath Police. We talked about Safety at Night in the local area- one of the top 5 issues in our recent consultation and part of our manifesto! Our discussions were really productive and it has helped us with new ideas of how to link in with the police and other organisations to improve the reach of our second manifesto item ‘Safety at Night’.

Surrey Youth Games and Councillor Rodney Bates

Today at the Youth Council meeting we talked to Craig Alford about the Specsavers Surrey Youth Games 2018. He spoke to us about recruiting new young ambassadors to promote the Youth Games events. We were also joined by Councillor Rodney Bates from the Old Dean. He dropped in to see how the Youth Council was operating.

Our Chairs read out our current emails and we looked at our actions for today's meeting, one of these was thinking about inviting the police to discuss safety at night. After this, the members of the Youth Council split into three groups for our current project Preparing For Working Life. These groups include Personal Wellbeing, Education and Skills for the Future.

Personal Wellbeing focused on promoting exercise to young individuals to help with their mental health, they also are working on easy ways to cope with stress and sexual health. Education worked on looking at apprenticeships and CV writing. Skills for the Future planned different videos to teach young peo…

Preparing for Working Life Project

The top issue we identified from our recent survey was that young people want a curriculum to prepare them for life. We are planning to take action on this in our next project. Our new project for 2018 is all about helping young people prepare for the future through a number of different mediums. We want to help young people get skills for the future and the world of work, give them the resilience and personal wellbeing to help them be successful and also give them insight into further education. To achieve this we have formed three groups: Skills for the Future, Education and Personal Wellbeing and are now planning how we can best tackle the issue. You can download our full manifesto for 2018/2019 here. Follow us on social media for updates and to join in on the discussion!

Cream Tea with Councillors

We recently held a special cream tea event to inform all the Surrey County Councillors and Surrey Heath Borough Councillors what the Surrey Heath Youth Council does and how we represent all young people in Surrey Heath. This will help us to improve our links and enable us to better spread our message and take action on the issues we found in our survey.

Survey Results

We recently took a survey of over 1000 young people in Surrey Heath to identify the key issues we will focus on throughout our projects in 2018. Here are the top five issues we identified:
Curriculum to prepare us for life Bullying Cost of living Safety at night Discrimination  We will now be able to target these issues over the next year to improve Surrey Heath for young people.

Anti-Stigma Conference

The Surrey Heath Youth Council recently ran their first Anti-Stigma Conference at Collingwood College.

The event aimed to educate and inform young people in Surrey Heath about the seriousness of mental health illnesses and how to help those struggling with them.

The conference was live-streamed to enable as many people as possible to benefit from it.

Clinical Director and Consultant Child Psychiatrist for CAMHS, Dr Phil Ferreira-Lay said, “This event has really increased awareness of the importance of all young people’s emotional and mental health. It stimulated conversations and attendees seemed inspired and helped. This is an excellent and important initiative that needs to be rolled out across all areas of Surrey.”

Assistant Principal at Collingwood College, Jamie Cleary said, “I cannot speak highly enough of the structure and content. It sensitively covered every area that needed to be covered. How people with mental health issues can act, be helped and help themselves.”

Anti-Bullying Days

The Surrey Heath Youth Council has previously run two Anti-Bullying Training Days to train Anti-Bullying Ambassadors for schools in Surrey. The days aimed to reduce bullying through a peer-led scheme and give students the skills required to go back to their schools and develop Anti-Bullying initiatives.